The Undeveloped Planet Protection Pact

from by ZOLTAN

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Music and lyrics inspired by the Star Ocean series.


-The Elicoor II Incident-
We were shot down by a Vendeeni battleship.
No choice but to crash-land on the nearest planet.
And we ended up downed in a city full of inhabitants.
So what could we do?
All the people gathered watching in wonder
as we were trapped inside.
All we could do
was step outside and let them take us prisoner.

-The Alternate Earth Incident-
Our ship was sucked into a black hole
and thrown into another dimension.
There was an Earth unscarred by the battle
that left the world polluted beyond all comprehension.
We touched down and learned there was a crisis.
Military scientist grappling with insanity
talked about nuclear energy and what the price is.
That's when I realized a way I could save humanity.
She had a crude anti-matter reactor.
I didn't want them to fade into oblivion.
I was already a UP3 infractor.
So I gave her a crystal of Exalithium.
Now a massive pair annihilation
will destroy the planet in it's entirety.
Gone forever will be oceans, dreams, and
everything, everything, EVERYTHING!

-The Expel Incident-
I investigated a space-time disturbance.
I was transported to a nature's abundance.
A forest foreign to me. All I can see are trees and leaves
and a girl on the ground being attacked. I just can't leave her be.
I know I shouldn't but I reach inside
my vest pocket where I know my phase gun resides.
I couldn't win without a weapon, if I tried.
So I pulled the trigger to unveil a sword of light.

On three different planets in three different galaxies
I broke the UP3 to avert catastrophes.
Strip me of my rank but don't strip me of my life.
On Elicoor, Expel, and another Gaia
events were uncontrollable and situations dire.
I am not a tank but a human trying to live my life.

Solo: The Zoltan


from First Fantasy, released October 6, 2013



all rights reserved


ZOLTAN Niigata, Japan

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